Croft Farm Nature Farming

Nature is the farmer.

We who live by the land are just hired hands. 

At Croft Farm, nature farming is an approach and an aspiration.  Guided over the years by streams of perspectives on ecological ways to grow food, all streams are taking us to a notion of letting nature do the farming.  Any farming is on a continuum of degrees of human control.  Nature is ultimately in control.  The “Do-Nothing Farming” of Masanobu Fukuoka is closest to the ideal of what he considered nature farming:

- no ploughing or turning of the soil

    - no fertilizers or prepared compost

    - no herbicides, unnecessary weeding nor pruning

    - no pesticides

Many have guided us with not only what not to do, but with ways to grow food described as natural, organic, intensive, biodynamic, polyculture, permaculture, sustainable, regenerative, and so on.  These “methods” provide ways to prepare soil, means to boost fertility with additives and amendments, offer arrangements and architectures and appliances to advantage plants, and light, and water and wind, and interventions to deter or eliminate plants considered ‘weeds’ and insects and other creatures considered ‘pests’.  These can help, in the beginning.  Thereafter, following nature’s succession, we need only keep the land open to nature, assure supply of organic matter and seeds, and cooperate with the seasons of weather.  As Fukuoka tells us, “Serve nature and all is well.”

Releasing the ‘control’ paradigm and paradox has returned Croft Farm to Fukuoka’s original principles.  Primarily, his admonition that instead of asking what if we do something, we ask what if we don’t do something?  It lead us to a fresh quandary: learning how to do Fukuoka’s ‘do-nothing’ farming.

A fundamental nature farming approach is grounded in, well, what happens on the ground.   Living matter above falls  and becomes food for living matter below, or is the seed of living matter, transforming what we think of as dead matter into living matter.   This soil must be as alive and as essential as the seed.  We can do no better farming than to supply soil with organic matter and seeds, to cultivate an abiding trust with nature.

Certainly, some types of farming are harming the living soil.  Some seeds are made to fight nature.  And, some types of farming are more or less sustainable than others.  We prefer farming and food sustained by nature.

Determined to trust Fukuoka’s principles, it took Croft Farm only a few years , with merely forest soil, manure and wood ash, and letting nature grow, to enjoy an abundance of wholesome food…with much less work than  the many ‘methods’ tried before.  Others might learn from what we’ve learned.

 We are available here on Vancouver Island to offer consultation and planning for home-scale farming through the principles of nature farming.  Whether you’ve never grown food, or are already versed in agroecology methods, we offer collaborative guidance in nature farming.  

Growing home…

Any home can grow some of its food and can supply many of its other needs.  In as little as 400 square feet of garden you can grow your own fresh produce throughout the growing season, and possibly all year long.  Chickens require as little as 4 square feet per bird.  A milk goat could be raised on a suburban lot.  A flock of sheep can be raised on an acre.  Croft Farm shows how just one acre can yield much of your meat, eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables.  With a nature farming design, all this food can be raised while you support the long-term quality of the land.

Croft Farm Nature Farming can help you get the most of life

from your piece of earth.  And, in your living home, at peace with earth.

Croft Farm Nature Farming is your guide to developing solutions

 with nature for:

    - home-scale farming and food production

    - small space intensive gardening and edible landscaping

    - micro-farm layout with properly managed livestock

    - companion tree and plant guild cultivation

    - strategic water and land use

    - eco-friendly energy modelling

    - small home building ecology  


Your Nature Farming Guide…

Tom Keenan designed and developed Croft Farm with nature, and he can help you see your nature farm home come to life.  Tom is a home farmer, a permaculture designer, an artisan, and a psychologist who well understands natural systems, including people.

Tom will help transform your space and design a farm home with you, with nature, and with your  personality and aspirations in mind…and taken to heart.

Croft Nature Farming Counselling answers your wishes for the insight and inspiration, and the practical how-to, of down-to-earth living on your own home farm.


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